Lesson 1: Counting to 120


It's our old pal Jack Hartman! Warm up literally for this lesson by getting some exercise while you count. It's only 3 minutes; it will do you the world of good :)

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

100 Hunt - ICT Games
  • Find the number between 1 and 120!
  • See if you can get faster and faster at finding your numbers
  • Toggle the switch so you can start at 1, or stay on 0 if you like
  • Start with the 'Find any number' game, then challenge yourself with '10 less' and '10 more'
  • If you have time, try out some of the other games
120 Board - Easy Teaching
  • Yes, it appears to be a colourful board
  • Use your imagination to create a game or puzzle out of it!
  • Cut the board up into strips, or random shapes and make a 120-number board jigsaw
  • Make up your own dice game; roll to move, add the numbers of two dice together and move that many spaces... be as creative as you want to be
120 Chart Puzzle - Super Teacher Worksheets
  • Fill in the empty numbers on this number puzzle page
  • This is a tricky puzzle with numbers higher than 100, so you will need a 120-number chart to guide you
Arrow Cards - ICT Games
  • I would like to you make the following numbers with the arrow cards: 12, 102 and 120
  • Visualise each of these numbers with an abacus and MABs
  • Click on the arrow cards to partition the numbers
  • Explore any other numbers up to 120
Connect the Dots (1-120) - Raising Our Kids
  • Check it out, a dot to do that goes up to 120!
  • Count forwards or backwards; it's up to you
  • You might need to take a break or two while doing this sheet
Counting Cars - ICT Games
  • With this game, you win by crashing your car into a specific number!
  • Revise numbers between 0 to 50, then move on to numbers between 50 to 120
Counting Caterpillar - ICT Games
  • Put the numbers into their correct order so that the caterpillar can eat them
  • Slide the scale to start at any number between 1 and 115
  • Untick the red square (in the 'largest' section) so you can count by 1s
Flip Counter - ICT Games
  • Practice counting by ones from and to any number you like
  • Start at zero and count all the way up to 120
Number Chart Game - ABCYa!
  • Place the correct numbers into their spot on the number chart
  • Choose the level of difficulty that you are most comfortable with, and select the '1-120' chart type
Number Chart Worksheet Generator - Home School Math
  • Generate your own number chart with missing numbers that you need to fill in
  • This will require an adult to generate the worksheet
  • Scroll down to the generator and enter the following parameters:
  • Choose 'chart', leave empty approximately 30% (easy), 50 percent (medium) or 75% (hard)
  • Starting number: 1, Skip-counting step: 1
  • 10 numbers per row, 12 rows on worksheet, leave box highlight at 0
  • Choose 'space' Thousands/millions separator
  • Any border colour you like
Number Grid Fireworks - ABCYa!
  • Listen to the number and then locate it on the hidden number grid
  • Select the 1-120 chart
  • The more that you get correct, the more fireworks you will have for fireworks display at the end
Ordering Numbers - Math Salamanders
  • Scroll down to the 'Order Numbers to 200' section
  • Choose from one of four sheets to practice ordering three-digit numbers into ascending (smallest to largest) or descending (largest to smallest) order
Treasure Quest Hundreds Chart - Math Playground
  • This is a similar game to 'Hundred Grid Fireworks', but some of the numbers are written on the grid to help you find each number
  • I like it because it looks like you are pulling out numbers for a lotto draw!
  • Make sure that your largest number is set to 120, or 200 for a challenge
Whack a Mole - ICT Games
  • Whack the moles! Count forwards in steps of 1 starting at 99
  • Toggle the switch from 'FWD' to 'BWD' to count backwards from 99
  • Challenge yourself by counting forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 3, 5 or 10!
What Number Comes Before and After - Worksheet Kids
  • There is a selection of worksheets here for you to choose from
  • Revise finding numbers before and after for numbers up to 100
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