Prep (Kindy) Lesson: Parts of the Day


Watch and Listen to this beautiful story called Good Day, Good Night by Margaret Wise. Do you do similar things as Bunny throughout your days?

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

Another Day in My Life - McMahon Education
  • This a similar activity to the one we just completed together
  • This time you can draw yourself performing certain routines or activities that you complete over the course of a day
  • You might like to draw the events of a very special day that you remember
  • Note: Preview with the icon (left), download link at the bottom of this page
Daily Routine Bingo - SparkleBox
  • Play this visual game of bingo to match the images of your daily routines on the cards, to those on your bingo board
  • Use counters or any small object to place over the images on your board
  • As your literacy skills improve, use the bingo board with the written phrases to practice reading
Daily Routine Cut and Stick - SparkleBox
  • Colour, then cut, order and paste these images into your workbook or onto a piece of paper
  • These pictures represent some of the routines you complete throughout your day
  • Discuss the images with an adult, and label each image with a word or phrase:
  • wake up, get dressed, go to school, eat lunch, watch tv, go to bed
Day and Night Cut and Paste - Preschool Planet
  • A simple classification exercise to sort the images into day and night
  • Discuss the images with an adult to determine which of these things we normally see during the day, and those that are normally around at night
  • There are four images for each column
  • If you know of some more things that fit into each column, feel free to draw them onto the page!
  • Note: On the worksheet preview window, press the icon that shows an arrow pointing down on a piece of paper to download
Different Times of the Day - Happy Kids
  • Watch, listen to and sing along with this song
  • Link your daily routines to the different times of day that we have just learnt about
My Daily Routine - McMahon Education
  • Draw and colour a picture of yourself completing four activities throughout your typical day
  • Label each picture if you can
  • Note: Preview with the icon (left), download link at the bottom of this page
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