Information: Students


Digital Activity
  • online game or puzzle
  • if the activity is not tablet friendly, it will work on a laptop or desktop computer
  • Game or Puzzle Activity
  • a game or puzzle that you will complete using your hands and brain
  • ask an adult to help you with printing or making any resources
  • you may find a way to play more than one type of game with the resources, so be creative!
  • Hands-On Activity
  • a practical activity where you will be able to use suitable materials around you
  • ask an adult to help you to find materials
  • you may need to get creative if you cannot find the correct materials, have fun!
  • Video Link
  • this video will be hosted on another platform such as YouTube or maybe something else
  • you will find lots of interesting information in these visual links
  • Workbook Activity
  • pencil and paper book work
  • you will complete your work in an exercise book or on a sheet of paper
  • Worksheet
  • a worksheet will need to be printed out on paper
  • ask an adult to help you with downloading and printing
  • If you come across any problems please fill out the form via the link below. You might have to ask an adult to do this for you.

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