Lesson 1: Naming Shapes


  • Worksheet: Shapes in Our World - McMahon Education
    (pdf download link below)
  • scissors
  • glue

    Variation: Instead of using this as a worksheet, you may like to contact / laminate the sheets, and use the pictures as cards in a reusable puzzle. You may find other examples of objects to use as cards for sorting games.

This fun little song is the perfect warm up for our lesson. This will get you thinking about the shapes that you see every day!

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

2D Shapes in Your Environment - Kteachertaggart
  • This video shows many more examples of shapes that you can see everywhere all around you
  • Bonus shape: the hexagon! We will learn more about that shape in year 1
  • Keep an eye out for these shapes in your everyday life
2D Shape Cards - SparkleBox
  • These shape cards are designed to be printed double sided so you can recognise the and learn the names of each shape
  • You will learn the names of many shapes for this set!
  • You may like to print these cards as a single sided deck of cards, and play a few games of 'Memory' or 'Snap' with them
2D Shape Hunt - McMahon Education
  • Go on a shape hunt in your environment! Look for examples of squares, circles, triangles and rectangles, and record them into your workbook
  • Draw, write, cut and paste pictures from magazines
  • Use one page for each shape; don't worry if you don't find too many examples at first, you can always add more another day
  • Print and paste the optional labels as page headings (pdf link below)
2D Shape Peg Cards - SparkleBox
  • These 2D shape peg cards are great for children to analyse the properties of everyday items and match them to their correct shape
  • Follow the instructions on the site to make these cards
  • Note: there us a bonus 'hexagon' card, and a double up card for the different labels of 'oblong' and 'rectangle'; we will stick with 'rectangle'
2D Shape Recognition Colouring Sheets - SparkleBox
  • This is an alternative to the 2D Shape Peg Card activity above
  • Colour the objects that match the shape
2D Shapes Around Us Playdough Mats - SparkleBox
  • Identify the shape being represented in the photograph, then use playdough to make and cover it
  • This activity will assist the development fine motor skills and hand strength
2D Shapes Roll and Cover Activity - SparkleBox
  • This is a fun little dice game that exercises counting and subitising skills
  • Time yourself! See how long it takes you to cover the entire board!
2D Shapes Worksheets - Math Salamanders
  • Some extra worksheets to identify and colour shapes
  • Stick with those in the Kindergarten section, in particular the 'Shade the ...' worksheets
  • These sheets rely on students knowing the spelling for each shape and mental recall of the properties for each
Basic Shapes Flash Cards - Mr Printables
  • These cards are an alternative to those in the SparkleBox set
  • They are very simple with 12 to the set; a handy little reference
Colour the Shapes - McMahon Education
  • This worksheet requires students to colour each shape as directed in the instructions
  • All of the shapes are of variable sizes and orientations; the rectangles and triangles will look slightly dissimilar
  • Students should have every single shape coloured in on completion
  • Pdf download link below
Find the Shape - Busy Toddler
  • This is a great way to involve whole body movement into identifying and colouring shapes
  • I like that students can stand back from the wall to view all shapes at once, before colouring each one in
  • Best for those with control over their fine motor skills, unless you're due to freshen up the paint on your walls of course!
The Highlight Zone - PBS Kids
  • This fun game adds an element of mystery to searching for common shapes in our environment
  • It is a listening exercise that combines knowledge of shape and number to find and colour the shapes in each image
Shape Monsters - Top Marks
  • Another fun little game where students need to identify and match each shape to its hungry little monster
  • This game uses the four basic shapes that we have worked with this lesson, and so while simple, students should have no trouble linking a shape to its name
Shapes - Songs For Kids - Pancake Manor
  • Another song about shapes in our environment
  • You could use this song as a stimulus for the 2D Shape Hunt activity above
Shapes Songs for Children - The Kiboomers
  • This is another video that links everyday objects to the four basic shapes that we will learn about in this unit
  • This video can be used to gather more examples for the 2D Shape Hunt activity above
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