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Course Aim

A student will learn to:

  • identify and name common shapes, and observe their occurrences in their environmental surroundings
  • compare and contrast features of these shapes by sorting
  • describe and manipulate these shapes to understand individual features
  • represent shapes by building them with a variety of materials
  • draw these shapes using pencil and paper
  • draw these shapes by tracing around faces of three-dimensional objects

Prior Knowledge

Some knowledge of and skill with:

  • Ideally the student will have some exposure to and interactions with shapes and objects in their personal lives
  • counting in sequence up to 30, naming numbers up to 20, and reading ordinal numbers up to '10th'
    Prep/Kindy - Whole Numbers - Counting to 30
  • counting, making correspondences, comparing, and ordering collections of objects up to 20
    Prep/Kindy - Whole Numbers - Collections to 20

Time Allocation

6 lessons, approximately 1 hour each

  • Warm Up and Lesson: approximately 40 - 45 minutes
  • Extra Practice: approximately 15 - 20 minutes

NB: One hour is a very long time for little ones. You may like to cap each lesson to half an hour with plenty of brain breaks when necessary. You may like to alternate between lessons and their Extra Practice activities over two days.


Please model and encourage the use of the following vocabulary when working through this unit:

  • shape
  • circle
  • triangle,
  • square
  • rectangle
  • features
  • side
  • straight line
  • curved line
  • open line
  • closed shape
  • use adjectival language to describe features of specific shapes, eg 'tall', 'skinny', 'short', 'fat' etc
  • be aware that the term 'shape' refers to a two-dimensional figures while 'object' refers to three-dimensional figures

General Note

Please feel free to revisit this course at any time if your student has the motivation; repeated practice and play is extremely beneficial for concept consolidation, and identifying links to other concepts.

If you haven't read the essay yet, make sure you read the general information about how McMahon Education functions. You will need a coffee, and a plan to do something rewarding and fun afterwards.

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