Lesson 2: Counting 1 to 20

Please pick one of these themed, pocket hundred square card sets to 100 to print. At this stage print the first two pages up to 20, or prepare ahead and print up to 30. Slice apart, and laminate/contact for durability. All of these cards can be found at SparkleBox

Sing or dance along with this number song by practicing counting forwards and backwards between 1 and 10.

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

Active Number Recognition and Writing Activity Cards - SparkleBox
  • Write your numerals in different ways
  • This is a gross motor activity (hands, arm, body movement) to gain familiarisation with numeral shape; think ‘drawing’ rather than ‘writing’
  • You may find more ways to write numerals than there are suggested on the activity cards!
  • Please be mindful of your safety at all times
  • Practice drawing the individual numerals of 0 – 9, then try and write your numbers in sequence
  • Do not worry if you don’t make it all the way to 20, 1-10 will be fine for now
  • Extension: Write your numbers in backwards order
Blast Off! - Top Marks
  • Listen to the narrator to locate the rocket ship with the correct number
  • Play 'Find a Number': Direct, 10 to 20
Connect the Dots - ABCYa!
  • Connect the dots in numerical order to make a picture
  • This works a little differently to the pencil and paper puzzle that you are used to
  • Revise numbers 1-10 if you like before practicing numbers 1-20
  • Note: There is an animation of a hand directing you to select the second number in the sequence first; so instead of pressing 1, press the number 2 so that dot 1 joins up to dot 2
Colour by Numbers Worksheets - Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  • Choose any one of the free colour-by-number worksheets
  • Feel free to revise numbers to 5 or 10 before moving on to numbers up to 20
Counting Fish - ABCYa!
  • Count the fish in the ocean and select the correct number tile to match
  • Rounds 1 and 2 practice numbers between 1 and 10, and Round 3 practices numbers 11 - 20
  • Each round has ten questions and there is a bonus little game at the end!
Counting Numbers 1-20 - The Singing Walrus
  • Practice counting forwards and backwards between 1 and 20 with this song
Count to 20 and Workout - Jack Hartmann
  • Practice counting from 1 to 20 AND get a bonus workout with this song
Curious George Count with Allie - PBS Kids
  • Use your counting skills to count the objects on each page from 1 to 20
  • Listen to Allie say the number of objects on the page, then try counting them individually to check
Curious George Flower Garden - PBS Kids
  • Grow a garden of flowers with George, and count how many pop up in the garden
  • Click on each flower to listen to the numbers, and count along with the number line at the bottom of the screen
Dot to Dot Numbers 1-20 – Worksheet Fun
  • This is a repeat of an activity from a previous lesson
  • Select and a worksheet that you may be interested in completing, then join the dots and colour it in when you are finished
  • This is a great opportunity to practice using a ruler
  • If you work on more than one, try completing the dot-to-dot backwards from 20 to 1
Easter Egg Hunt - ABCYa!
  • Practice counting between 1-5 and 1-15 over nine rounds to find the hidden Easter eggs
  • You can count along as you find each egg, and check how many they have left to find
  • May be for young eyes only; the eggs become harder to find with each new round!
Helicopter Rescue -Top Marks
  • Choose 'Find a Number' and the select the options under the 'Direct' heading
  • Revise numbers up to 10, then practice numbers up to 20
Number Flash Cards - SparkleBox
  • This is a repeat of an activity from the last lesson, so you may already have these materials prepared
  • Pick any set with numerals (1,2,3 etc), and print up to the number 20
  • Pictures and spots are okay, we’re looking for numeral recognition here
  • Alternatively, make your own flash cards by writing numerals on cards
  • Variation 1: Practice reading numbers forwards
  • Variation 2: Practice reading numbers backwards
  • Variation 3: Shuffle the cards and read the numbers in random order
  • Variation 4: Lay out the cards in order, then practice counting forwards and backwards
  • Variation 4: Lay out the cards in order going left to right, top to bottom, and in two groups of five
Number Mat (0-20) - McMahon Education
  • A simple set of sheets that present 1 outlined number per page (20 pages total)
  • Use these sheets for a variety of activities
  • Variation 1: Draw inside the number repeatedly with different coloured pencils to create 'Rainbow Numbers'
  • Variation 2: With the sheets inserted into a plastic sleeve or whiteboard PVC pocket, trace over the numbers with a whiteboard marker (see 'General Resources' section for a useful link)
  • Variation 3: With the sheets inserted into a plastic sleeve or whiteboard PVC pocket, use playdough to roll out thin snakes and them mould their shape to resemble each numeral (see 'Optional Resources' section for a useful playdough recipe)
  • Variation 4: Draw or count out a number of objects equal to the numeral, and put them around each numeral
  • Click icon to preview, file download link is below

* Adult expertise needed from this point on *

Pick the file that matches the font from your state.