Lesson 5: Counting On


Let's count to 30! Watch, dance, or sing along once you catch on

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

Count On: Race to 10, 15 & 20 - I See Maths
  • A little game to practice counting on mentally by 1 or 2
  • Read the instructions on the game board to follow
  • Numbers squares are coloured into frames of five aimed to assist number associations and recognition
Counting On & Counting Back - Math Salamanders
  • Select any worksheet counting on that practices the skill of counting on
Number Flash Cards
  • This is a repeat of an activity from a previous lesson, so you may already have these materials prepared
  • Pick any set with numerals (1,2,3 etc), and print up to the number 20
  • Pictures and spots are okay, we’re looking for numeral recognition here
  • Alternatively, make your own flash cards by writing numerals on cards
  • Use the flashcards to pick out a random number, and practice counting on and back from there
  • Try doing this verbally, and by finding the correct cards to order visually
  • Start with the lower numbers first, then build up to the higher numbers