Lesson 7: Ordinal Numbers to '10th'


We can start with revision of counting back from 20 with The Count Back Cat

Watch, Listen and sing along!

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

Car Race Order Game (1st – 5th) - Toy Theatre
  • Watch the cars drive their race, then move the cars to the left of the screen in the order that they finished
Identifying Position (to 11th) - Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Tick or colour the boxes to answer the questions about which animal lives on which floor
Ice Cream Ordinal Numbers - Worksheet Place
  • Follow the directions to colour the ice cream scoops on your ice cream cone, then answer a couple of questions at the end
  • Do not try this with a real ice cream cone!
Ordinal Numbers from 1st to 10th - Periwinkle
  • This animation visualises and explains the finishing positions of animals in a running race
  • If the explanation in the lesson's introduction was not all that clear, this video is great at providing an alternative view with a bit more detail
  • You will also learn how to spell the ordinal numbers with letters
  • The table at the end is perfect for helping you with your puzzle as well!
Ordinal Numbers 1-10 For Kids - Kids Academy
  • Watch this video to see how ordinal numbers work
  • Listen to the narrator as they describe what stone the frog has landed on after each jump
  • Can you think of a time where you might have counted your steps?
Ordinal Numbers Resources - SparkleBox
  • Here is a bunch of printable resources for displays, posters and games
Ordinal Numbers Song - Mr R's Songs for Teaching
  • Listen then sing along with Mr R as he counts from 1st to 10th
  • The best part is, the animation uses both numerals and words, so this will help you complete the puzzle of you are stuck
Ordinal Numbers Vocabulary Cards (1st – 20th) - ELTR
  • Use as flash cards – practice 1st to 5th, 1st – 10th, etc
  • Mix the cards up and order from first to twentieth
  • Variations: roll some matchbox cars across your floor and place the ordinal cards next to the cars in order of those that travelled furthest; do the same for paper planes; race some other people in your favourite game and hand out cards according to who came first, second, etc; anything you can think of
Ordinal Picture Puzzle Strip (First to Fifth) - Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  • Cut, order and paste the picture puzzle into the correct ordinal sequence
  • Excellent practice for fine motor skills when using scissors
  • Variation 1: Cut and paste directly into your workbook instead of on to the second page
  • Variation 2: Contact/laminate before cutting to make a reusable puzzle
Run Your Own Race
  • Create your own competition to award place getters at the end
  • Icon links to an 'Ordinal Numbers on Medals' resource to be used as awards
  • You don't have to run, you could have a paper plane competition
  • You could challenge some friends to blowing up balloons and letting them go to see how far they fly when they deflate
  • Be creative... but safe!
Train Colouring Activity to 10th - Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  • Read and follow the instructions to colour each train car the correct colour
Writing Ordinal Numbers - Math Worksheets 4 Kids
  • Follow the instructions on the sheet to practice writing ordinal numbers
Worksheets for Teaching Ordinal Numbers - Thought Co.
  • Choose form a selection of free worksheets to practice recognising and working with ordinal numbers up to '10th'
  • There is a creative variety here