Lesson 3: Counting 1 to 30


You have a choice of two videos. The first one practices counting forwards and backwards between 1 and 20. You do not have to watch all of it as it is quite long.

This song by Jack Hartmann is much shorter, but you get to have a physical workout as you count. This might make the lesson a bit more fun!

Click on one or more of the following activities to practice what you have just learned. You do not have to complete all of them, just choose an activity or two that appeals to you!

Blast Off! - Top Marks
  • Listen to the narrator to locate the rocket ship with the correct number
  • Play 'Find a Number': Direct, 10 to 30
Connect the Dots - ABCYa!
  • Connect the dots in numerical order to make a picture
  • This works a little differently to the pencil and paper puzzle that you are used to
  • Revise numbers 1-20 if you like before practicing numbers 11-30
  • Note: There is an animation of a hand directing you to select the second number in the sequence first; so instead of pressing 11, press the number 12 so that dot 11 joins up to dot 12
Connect the Dots (Up to 30) - Easy Teacher Worksheets
  • Select a worksheet that you may be interested in completing
  • Colour it in when you are finished
  • This is a great opportunity to practice using a ruler
  • If you work on more than one, try completing the dot-to-dot backwards from 30 to 1
Count to 10, 20 and 30! - Mr R's Songs for Teaching
  • Practice counting from 1-10, 1-20 and then 1-30 with this song
Helicopter Rescue -Top Marks
  • Choose 'Find a Number' and the select the options under the 'Direct' heading
  • Revise numbers up to 20, then practice numbers up to 30
Number Bingo - ABCYa!
  • Listen to the number that is being said, then select a matching numeral on the grid
  • The game ends when you complete on line of numbers either left to right or top to bottom
  • Select a game to start (20-30, or first revise 0-10 and 10-20), then select a board size (a smaller board means a quicker game)
  • Have fun!
Number Flash Cards - SparkleBox
  • This is a repeat of an activity from a previous lesson, so you may already have these materials prepared
  • Pick any set with numerals (1,2,3 etc), and print up to the number 30
  • Pictures and spots are okay, we’re looking for numeral recognition here
  • Alternatively, make your own flash cards by writing numerals on cards
  • Variation 1: Practice reading numbers forwards
  • Variation 2: Practice reading numbers backwards
  • Variation 3: Shuffle the cards and read the numbers in random order
  • Variation 4: Lay out the cards in order, then practice counting forwards and backwards
  • Variation 4: Lay out the cards in order going left to right, top to bottom
  • Variation 5: Lay the cards out in rows of five and then rows of ten
Snakes and Ladders - SparkleBox
  • Print the snakes and ladder game for numbers up to 30
  • Roll a dice and move a marker up each number's square until you land on number 30
  • Play in pairs or small groups to make this a race
  • If you land on a ladder, climb it to skip a few numbers
  • If you land on a snake, slide down it to go back
Write the Missing Numbers 1-20 – Worksheet Fun
  • Practice writing your numbers with a pencil and paper!
  • Select a worksheet that you may be interested in completing, then write the numbers and colour it in when you are finished
  • Use your number chart to guide you
  • This is very good practice for your fine motor skills